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Double your results. Lose weight and spend less maintaining it with LeanMR. This shake mix was designed to support weight loss by

  • Fighting hunger with fiber
  • Providing long-lasting energy in just 180-190 calories per serving
LeanMR's unique combination of fiber, low glycemic carbs and healthy fats can boost the feeling of fullness, accelerate results and support health. Save money on groceries when you substitute LeanMR for one meal or snack per day.

Why use this product?

Research shows that using meal replacements once or twice a day can enhance weight loss, and continuous use helps people keep the weight off. That’s because meal replacements help control calories, provide accurate calorie counts and may prevent people from skipping meals and over-eating later in the day. The dotFIT LeanMR drink mix contains a unique blend of low glycemic carbs and soluble fibers which help
  • Curb appetite
  • Boost and maintain energy levels throughout the day
  • Control blood sugar levels
  • Lower cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Improve gut health and bowel regularity
  • To have Vicente as your dotFIT Pro Trainer simply follow these steps:
    #1. Email Vicente at: peraltaprofitness@gmail.com ,
    #2. Wait For Vicente's Welcome Email,
    #3. And Check Out The dotFIT Store: http://www.dotfit.com/store/
    Should I eat before I workout? Yes, you should!!! 

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